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Decking Build for the Dome

It was time to get the decking built for the NexDome to sit on.

Here is the time lapse of the build before we get into things.....

Prior to the joiners arriving, I had laid down some polythene ground sheet on the area where the deck was to be built. I had pre-sprayed the ground with weedkiller before hand. I staked out the 3.5m square, so get a better feel for scale and location.

On top of the polythene I went back and also put some ground fabric to protect the plastic. Once the deck is built I plan to but some small stones/gravel under the dome. There is a slight incline on the ground, so any rain we do get should run off to the left of the image.

The ground is quite solid seeing as we do not get much rain, so don't anticipate much movement.

The start date arrived and the timber merchants delivered the materials. Unfortunately, we had some torrential rain and hail storm / thunder and lightning, so postponed start until the next day.

The guys formed the main 3.5m x 3.5m frame using the 8"x2" joists. This is absolutely solid and weighs a fair bit. 3 of us struggled to move it from where they assembled it to its location in the picture below.

Next up was to raise the deck up approx 1m, onto 25 x 3"x3" square posts. The posts are sat on 0.4m x 0.4m marine ply, to spread the load on the ground.

After all the legs in place, they fitted the noggins between the joists. These include a frames 12" x 12" square in the middle of the deck, which I can cut out the decking should I want to install a pier in the future.

At this stage they commenced installing corner stiffeners.

After all the corner braces and cross braces were installed the decking was added, followed by an access stair to the corner where the dome door will be.

And they were done!

Over to me next, and it was time to destruct the dome from its temporary location and move it over to the decking and rebuild.

Sasha gave me a hand to split the dome into 2 sections plus the shutter section. And the walls were split into the door frame and 3 double bay section.

After getting all the walls over to the deck, They were re-assembled and the dome was positioned were required, over the centre of the deck and also rotated to get the door in the correct location best for the stairs.

The roof was re-assembled onto the wall sections. I took the opportunity to loosen off all the bolts and better align all the dome sections, drawing a 2.2m circle on the deck and best trying to align everything equally.

Next up is to install all the rotation kit, shutter kit, rain sensor, ventilation kit etc. etc.

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