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EdgeHD 11" Telescope, Cable Management

As with any astrophotography setup, there are cables galore. Power cables, USB cables, sensor cables, dew band cables......and having all these just hanging off the telescope rig can lead to undesirable events such as cable snags as well as looking untidy.

It was time to start doing some cable management on my two rigs outside of the observatory. In this video I tackle the EdgeHD 11" telescope which is mounted on a CGX-L mount. For this setup, I also have a Off-Axis Guider and an optional 0.7x reducer, so needed to factor in any cable lengths to suit whichever configuration the scope was in.

Check out the video below to see how I got on....

In the video you will see that I fitted some custom printed 3D parts to act as both cable guides and a port cable relief. The cable relief extends over the back of the camera and helps to protect the cables from the telescope covers. I have already destroyed one USB cable due to the covers pulling down on the cables on my Lunt LS80MT solar setup, and this will hopefully reduce the chance of this happening on this setup, or worse, damaging the ports on the camera.

The parts are suitable for cameras with a 90mm diameter body, such as the ASI52600 that I am using on this setup.

I have made the models available to the public, and can be grabbed from Tinkercad at the following link;

So that's it for this update, until the next time, Clear Skies!

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