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First Attempts at Solar Observing, Using Astrozap Solar Filter

Today, I decided to have a go at imaging the sun. I was using an AstroZap AZ-1511 Glass Solar filter which is suitable for a 105-111mm telescope. The telescope I was using is normally one of my guidescopes, it is the Bressier Messier AR90s/500 and had it on the EXOS-2 Goto mount.

No polar alignment, only roughly pointing true north, and the mount then set for Solar Tracking speed.

Imaging done with Nikon Z50 camera and AstroPhotography Tools software.

Equipment Used

  • Bresser Messier AR90s/500 OTA

  • Bressier EXOS-2 Goto mount

  • Nikon Z50 camera

  • AstroZap Glass Solar Filter

3DPrinterd Nikon Z prime focus nose:


Astrophotography Tool:

Anyway, that will do for now!

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Clear Skies!


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