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First Light On New Solar Scope LS80MTB1800C - despite the clouds!

In the last post / video, I did an unboxing of my new solar scope.

The one I got was the Lunt LS80MTB1800C, which is;

  • 80mm aperture, ED, FPL53 glass

  • 560mm focal length

  • Crayford Focuser

  • Single Stack Pressure Tuned Etalon

  • B1800 blocking filter, with 1.25" eyepiece/camera holder and T2 threads

  • Solar finder built into carry handle

I couldn't wait to try this out, the weather really was not favourable. Despite the clouds I was going to give it a go, there were breaks in the clouds when the Sun popped out, so I removed my Edge 11 from the CGX and mounted this new Lunt scope onto it. Using an ASI174mm mono planetary camera, I captured my first views through this scope. The 560mm focal length gives a full disc image, and I also experimented with a 2x Barlow to see how that went.

I am really impressed with what I could see for a first attempt. It was quite difficult to get the optimum focus and fine tuning due to the clouds passing and constant exposure shift.

The sun spots and the surface detail were visible and I am pretty sure that once I get a decent clear spell I should be able to capture some great images.

This scope is 80mm aperture, has a single stack pressure tuner and a B1800 blocking filter. I also purchased the optional Crayford focuser for converting it into a night scope.

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