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How To: Recover from NexDome Shutter Disconnect/Comms Failure

The original NexDome Arduino based system suffers from shutter disconnect issues. This requires you to manually power cycle the shutter and then re-establish the position information to allow the shutter to operate correctly again.

This is done by manually connecting to the dome control system and using a serial terminal software, issue commands to the control system to normalise it.

The commands used to achieve this are;

  • @SRS

  • @PWS,x,y

  • @CLS

You may also need to send a carriage return and new line escape sequence at the end of the command string by appending \r\n to the command.

  • SRS is shutter status

  • PWS sets shutter position (x) and upper limit (y)

  • CLS is close shutter

Check out the video below as I walk through this issue and process to recover and get the positional information back in sync again.

Full list of commands available are in the protocol document at;

To do this I use the ClearTerminal software, which can be obtained from;

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