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IC443 Jellyfish Nebula - Quick the skies cleared!

Located 5000 light years away in the Gemini constellation, this supernova remnant is around 70 light years in size.

I went to put the bins out on the street and much to my surprise the skies had cleared!

Decided to grab what I could, even though the scope was not setup correctly, didn't having guiding calibrated, didn't have the dome sync to the scope as I had moved the mount, and also the polar alignment was still out.

The data collected wasn't the best and quite heavy gradients that would post out. Cleaned it up the best I could, and some for of astro, is better than no astro!

This was RASA11, ASI2600MC-P, Baader UV/IR cut filter, CGX-L mount. Gain 100, 101x 2 minutes = 3hr 22mins total integration.

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