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Livestream 14th Jan '22: Moon + 8 DSOs

When I am not doing dedicated image session, I'll pop onto YouTube and do a live stream, jump around the sky and see different targets, whether it be the moon or some deep sky objects, which may involve some live stacking.

This is the stream from the night of 14th January. For this evening, the equipment was the RASA 11" (620mm focal length), ASI 2600MC-P Colour camera, and had a Baader UV/IR Cut filter. The mount was the CGX-L.

Targets that evening were (all timestamped in the video description):

  • M31 Andromeda Galaxy

  • M45 Pleiades

  • M33 Triangulum Galaxy

  • M42 Orion Nebula

  • B33 Horsehead and SH2-277 Flame Nebula

  • M78 Casper the Friendly Ghost Nebula

  • NGC 2238 Rosette Nebula

  • The Moon

Consider subscribing to the channel and hit the notifications icon, so you can see when I am next live, these are typically unplanned events, so no schedule set.

I upload my images to Telescopius, and you can find my profile at:

My other social locations are;

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