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Pegasus Astro - USB Controller

When I installed the telescope in the observatory, I originally used a TP-Link 7 Port powered usb hub, and this worked fine - but not as expected when I ran into problems with one of my pieces of astro gear.

The issue in question related to the ASI2600MC camera that is fitted to the Rasa 11", occasionally I would see that the camera temperature would only show 0'C and this required physically disconnecting and reconnecting the camera. The temperature is relevant being a cooled camera and knowing the sensor temperature is required.

Being a powered hub, I would have hoped that shutting the power off to it would be sufficient to simulate a disconnect, but for whatever reason, the camera remained connected receiving power from elsewhere, so must be power bleed still coming through the sub connections. The strange thing was that the other camera on this hub did drop out!

I decided to look for an alternate, and this is when I came across the Pegasus Astro USB controller which has independant switchable USB ports. Great, hopefully this will solve the issue. I should now be able to disconnect/reconnect the temperamental camera remotely!

Check out the video to see how I got on with this new 6-port hub.

Having used it now for a couple of weeks, I can confirm that it works exactly as I would have hoped, and when I see the camera temperature issue, I can control the USB port in question from inside the N.I.N.A imaging software through the ASCOM interface.

A great piece of kit, that does what it says on the tin!

That's all for this update, so until next time, Clear Skies!

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