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Single 10 Minute Exposure on the Crescent Nebula

Last night I was doing some image testing on the Rasa 11 telescope, while using the IDAS NBZ UHS filter and the ASI2600MC one shot colour camera.

Having pushed the exposure test to 10 minutes, there appeared to be so much data in the image that I thought I would try and process it and see what came out. Amazing to think this is a single exposure - as someone said on Discord - 'f/2 is cheating!'

During this I noticed that what I was seeing on my main processing monitor looks different on my other 2 monitors, where they have a lot richer reds. Despite trying to tweak the individual monitor settings, cannot get them to match, so need to look into this further. This is annoying, as what I can see is not what others see or how it comes up on other apps on the different monitors. This makes it hard to get a good colour representation, so how do I know what is 'correct'. Job for another day, need to do more digging.

Until the next time,

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