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What's in the Box(es)? Another Haul of Astro Goodness!

I have been shopping again while I was away for the last 3 months, the boxes arrived so what was in the order?

There will be separate future videos for installing/setting up some of the equipment, once I get round to deciding what I'm trying next.

In the video below, I talk briefly through the equipment.

More videos to come on installing and using some of the equipment.

So, what was in the haul?

  • Geoptik Elephant Outdoor Case, 34x30x15cm

  • Baader BA2458380 2" Ha Filter

  • Baader BA2459210A 2" UV/IR Cut Filter

  • ZWO 2" M42 Filter Drawer

  • Field Rotator Adapter

  • Dovetail Clamp

  • Baader VariLock BA2956929 T2, 20-29mm

  • Baader VariLock BA2956946 T2, 29-46mm

  • Edge 11 Back Focus Distance 91mm Spacer

  • Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector

  • Celestron Motor Focuser Retrofit Kit

  • ZWO ASI174 Mini Guide Camera

  • Celestron SCT OAG Large Format adapter

  • Farpoint Losmandy Counterweight kit

  • Celestron Off Axis Guider

  • Celestron WiFi Adapter

  • Celestron Focus Motor

  • Celestron SkySync GPS Module

  • Celestron 0.7x Focal Reducer

  • Celestron 7 Kg Counterweight

All items are time stamped in the video description.

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Clear Skies!


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