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Split larger Bahtinov Mask to 3D print on smaller printers

In my last post/video, I created an 11" Bahtinov Mask for my Edge HD, but this may present a problem if you have a smaller format desktop 3D printer and not something as large as the Predator.

In this post/video, using Tinkercad, I will take you through the steps required to cut down a mask generated into quarters for printing on a smaller printer.

My Tinkercad links for the 1960mm (V2) and 2800mm masks:

AstroJargon Mask Generator:


Ultimaker Cura:

Wiki article on Bahtinov Masks

AnyCubic 3D Printers:

I upload my images to Telescopius, and you can find my profile at:

My other social locations are;


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