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Creating Edge11 2800mm Bahtinov Mask with AstroJargon Mask Generator, 3DPrinting and testing.

In this video I try out my first Bahtinov focusing mask, which was for the Edge11 with 0.7x reducer. After this, I take you through the steps of creating a new mask for the native focal length of 2800mm for the Edge11, modify it in Tinkercad, Slice in Cura, then print and test it on the Edge11.

The mask generator supports different types depending on what you are needing. The other mask type I might try is the TriBahtinov which is used for collimation of scopes.

My Tinkercad links for the 1960mm (V2) and 2800mm masks:

AstroJargon Mask Generator:


Ultimaker Cura:

Wiki article on Bahtinov Masks

AnyCubic 3D Printers:

I upload my images to Telescopius, and you can find my profile at:

My other social locations are;

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