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Capturing Sh2-132 Lion Nebula

Been home a couple of days from Qatar, so decided I had better attempt at least some imaging, as the coming weeks forecast was cloud.

Had no target in mind, so just did a search in N.I.N.A. for a high bright nebula that was visible through the night, and scanned the list based on the altitude chart and ended up picking this nebula. I had never attempted capturing the Lion Nebula before.

Set up as usual with the Rasa11, ASI2600MC camera and decided to use the IDAS NBZ UHS filter.

Did a quick test shot and could see the faint nebula in the image, so set it off running on an all nighter. Monitoring the guider at the start to see how it was behaving and if I remember correctly is was doing not bad at around 0.64" total error.

Capturing 207 frames with sequence settings at gain 125, offset 50, duration 120s.

I didn't grab any calibration frames however!

Next morning, just loaded all the images into AstroPixelProcessor, integrated them all for a total time of 6hr 54min. Took the stack into PixInsight, did the usual (i.e. no idea what I'm doing, just see what happens approach!) and this was the result......

6 Hours 54minutes capture of the Lion Nebula SH2-132
Sh2-132 Lion Nebula

This target is a large emission nebula around 10,400 Light Years away in the constellation Cepheus.

I'm going to be doing some modifications soon to the Rasa to try and eliminate the light rings that make processing harder, so stay tuned for that!

That's all for this update, so until next time, Clear Skies!

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