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Dew Shield Shape Retainer - 3DPrinted

I had an issue with the dew shields not holding their circular shape at the open end, not sure if this is down to just their own weight causing sag, or how they have been rolled in the factory/shipped etc.

This was causing some shadows to form on the subs. I noticed this by chance when I moved one of the shields slightly between exposures and seen the vignetting shift on the image as it came in.

I decided to 3D print a ring that would slip over and clip onto the end of the dew shield, making sure it would retain a circular shape.

Having measured up dimensions, I headed over to Tinkercad to design the model and then printed it out on my AnyCubic Predator 3dPrinter.

Here is the link to the model:

I upload my images to Telescopius, and you can find my profile at:

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