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Edge HD 11 daytime change over to Celestron Off Axis Guider (OAG) with ASI174mini

Today, a quick run through with me on converting my Celestron Edge HD 11 to a Celestron Off Axis Guider (OAG). I am also changing my guide camera from the ASI120MM to the ASI174mini.

The ASI174 has a much larger sensor and can help when trying to locate stars to guide on when using high focal ratio scopes. The native focal length of the Edge 11 is 2800mm.

I upload my images to Telescopius, and you can find my profile at:

My other social locations are;

The main equipment I use is;

Celestron CGX mount

Celestron Edge 11

Celestron RASA 11

Bresser 8" Newtonian

Bresser AR90s/500

ZWO ASI2600MC-P Colour camera

ZWO 60/280 guidescope

ZWO ASI120mm guide camera

ZWO ASI174mini guide camera

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