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I Won 1st Place! (It's no APOD, but I'll take it!)

After having released the Unihedron USB SQM Server software back in March 2022, I decided to write an article about the software over on the CodeProject, which is a community for software developers.

I have been a member on the site since 2003, and hadn't posted any articles on there for quite some time. After posting the article in May, I never gave it any thought.

Out of the blue, I checked my email a couple of nights ago, and had received an email from Sean at CodeProject congratulating me on winning the 1st Place in the Monthly article competition......which was nice! I didn't even know it had been put into the shortlist!

If you want to see the article visit:

To see my other articles you can check them out at:

There are a lot of tremendous articles covering all aspects and areas of development, but some seriously talented and experienced developers - way above my league! Have a poke around on the site, you never know what you might find.

As I am away at work at the moment, no astro for me, so you can usually find me lurking around the Astrobiscuit Discord server, I use the same tag on there 'Dave's Astrophotography', so pop in past for a chat sometime in the speak easy or star party live voice channels.

Until the next time,

Clear Skies!

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