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Imaging C12 / NGC6946 Fireworks Galaxy and Sky Quality Meter DataLogging

In this video, I continued to tweak settings and took a stab at C12, NGC6946 Fireworks Galaxy, which was a recommended target for June in Ruzeen's, Astrofarsography channel June update.

Captured with the Edge11, 0.7x and ASI2600MC-P camera. (1960mm) 54 lights, 120 Seconds, 121 gain, -10'C, and calibration frames consisting 20 darks and 35 flats

C12 / NGC6946 Fireworks Galaxy
C12 / NGC6946 Fireworks Galaxy

I also, took a look at the data captured using the recently installed Unihedron Sky Quality Meter. Install video can be found here.

The Sky Quality Meter readings were captured every minute through the night, then the data was graphed in Excel. As you can see in the chart, the SQM reading reached and plateaued around 20, which is the middle of the Bortle 5 class.

The SQM unit also has temperature readings, temperature can have an impact on the focusing of any image, so maybe need to look at re-focusing throughout any imaging plan.

The Bortle Scale ranges from 1 to 9, where the smaller the number the darker the sky. You can read more about it at The wiki page also gives examples of what is visible to the eye at the various scale number.

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