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Remodelling 3Dprinted mount for relocating guidescope onto RASA11 bottom rail

I was wanting to relocate the guidescope from the top rail to the bottom rail on the RASA11 to see if that would reduce the chance of the dome obstructing the guidescope field of view.

It would also make it easier for fine focusing etc rather than reaching up high and having it lower down.

I had previously made a plate for the top rail, so used this as the basis for the bottom and modified it to give me clearance of the CGX-L saddle and the end stop of the rail, so I could still slide it on and off.

Having measured up dimensions, I headed over to Tinkercad to design the model and then printed it out on my AnyCubic Predator 3dPrinter.

Here is the link to the model:

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